The Real Chicago Wedding of Brooke & Beau

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Our Real Chicago Wedding: June 30, 2018

“It was so completely beneficial to bundle our three services with Mike Staff Productions. Not only because we got to save a little bit of money, but because it made the payment process and overall stress of having to deal with so many different companies nonexistent. If we had a question, we could email one contact as opposed to three. We felt confident going into our wedding day knowing that these people had worked together before which was one less moving part to worry about and put us at ease. I have already recommended Mike Staff to various friends who are in the planning process and will continue to do so. We were very happy with all three services and can confidently say we made the right choice going with Mike Staff Productions.”– Happy Bride, Brooke

Our Love Story

My husband, Beau and I met at college orientation the summer before beginning college. We became super close friends (most likely because we were two of the only midwesterners) and hung around in the same group from our freshman through junior years. When we returned for senior year of college we both had been in a different place in our lives and quickly began dating. Post-college we did a lot of long distance between Chicago, St. Louis, Florida, and Michigan. Whenever Beau would visit my family in my hometown of Glen Ellyn, we would always visit our favorite bar downtown, Northside.
At the time of the proposal, we were living downtown Elmhurst. We took the train from Elmhurst to Glen Ellyn one day to grab a bite with my parents. We hopped off the train in Glen Ellyn and walked through my hometown and absolute favorite place to the bar for what I thought was going to be a quick lunch. As we approached the restaurant, Beau pointed out a sign which read, “Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and much to my surprise proposed. In the restaurant was my whole family along with his waiting to surprise us. 
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Our Mike Staff Productions Wedding Video 

Two years ago my cousin had a wedding video made and after watching it, I felt the entire night come back to me including all of the happy emotions. I knew since then that I was going to put videography high on my list of must haves. The wedding video is the absolute greatest gift we have received after the wedding. It walked us through every part of our wedding and we got to feel like guests as we experienced the entire night all over again.
Let’s be honest, I blacked out for most of the ceremony (as most brides/ grooms do), and then you are just so happy and busy that everything else happens in a flash.. it’s near impossible to remember every little moment. Being able to hear the pastors words and really think about them as well as see people having so much fun when you were having fun elsewhere is really awesome. Seeing it all in action really is different than a still photograph. All in all, being able to experience the entire day all over again is unbeatable. I, along with many family members, cannot stop watching the video. 


Our Dj, Steve was great and super pleasant to work with. At the end of the night, we chose our final song (“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey) which we enjoyed with our guests. Since the dance floor was still absolutely packed, our DJ was kind enough to play an additional final song. He played “Country Road Take me Home” by John Denver. This would have never been a song we would have chosen for our final song, but that is why you leave it up to the professionals. Our guests jolted Beau and I up on their shoulders and the entire crowd was singing along and chanting to a song I had no idea so many would know. I have received so many videos of that final song from guests and you can hear the cheers and excitement as it played. It was such a memorable and ridiculously fun moment. 
For our first dance, Beau chose the song, “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” by Drake White which isn’t your typical wedding song. He heard it while driving to work one day and instantly knew I would like it. I thought it was kind of unique that not everyone would know the song/ artist. We chose it because we loved how it expressed that even on tough days, your partner is there to build you up and brighten your day. It’s all about the love and support for your significant other and encouraging them to always be better. The best way for us to get passed a bad day is to make each other laugh or just listen and I think this song ultimately spoke that theme to us. 
We are big music people, especially country music. We also understand that the majority of our crowd was not country fans. Our DJ did a fantastic job of switching up the genres so that all generations were pleased. The dance floor was legitimately never empty. We let our DJ know we didn’t want any group dances because we knew there wouldn’t be any issues with our group getting their groove on and he was totally respectful of that. Some additional songs that totally lit up the dance floor were “Shake Ya Tail Feather,” Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, some fun 80’s songs, and many more. Our main goal for the entire event was for people to leave saying they had the best time and the DJ certainly can be thanked for keeping the party going non stop. 

Our Mike Staff Productions Photographer 

Our photographer, Chelsea was awesome. She was so upbeat and fun to work with. Beau and I aren’t great and “faking” a pose for a picture and she really just let us be ourselves so that we didn’t have to feel like the outcome wasn’t going to be true to us. She was genuinely funny and had some great ideas for poses/ combinations of group photos.
Wedding pictures were very important to us while your traditional wedding book wasn’t something personally found appealing with so many other companies. The option to make our own wedding book in the way we so choose definitely was appealing. We were given the advice from many people to not penny pinch or slack off on choosing a photographer. We love having the HD images and overall were very pleased with the outcome of the pictures.
It was the hottest day of summer and somehow Chelsea was still able to capture so many great shots. I wanted to be conscious of our bridal party given how hot of a day it was, so I sent the bridesmaids and groomsman inside after a quick shoot. We didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked since we were overheating, but somehow when I received the images, it did not seem as though we didn’t take enough because Chelsea got just what we needed in a shorter time. Our bridal party was very thankful to be able to join the cocktail hour and enjoy cold beverages while Beau and I got all the pictures we could have hoped for.. it was a win-win! 


I pictured a lot of white and wood when you walked into the venue. I wanted to incorporate some traditional aspects, but also wanted it to be a clear representation of Beau and I as a couple. We didn’t want to break the bank, but wanted to plan a wedding we were proud to invite our guests to. I kept decorations pretty simple and if I liked something at a store I would buy it without thinking too hard about if it was going to correlate with every other piece. I wanted to make a lot of decor myself to give it my own personal touch. Most importantly, I kept my family and friends in mind throughout the entire planning process. I wanted everyone to have a really good time and focus on the quality time being spent with two amazing families joining together.
My mom sent ur florist (as a special surprise for my wedding day) her wedding dress to incorporate into my bridal bouquet as well as on my flower crown. The back of the flower crown has lace from my moms wedding dress as do the bouquets. This was such a special surprise which Natalia took and ran with and it was one of the most special parts of my day when I found out.
Beau and I were given the advice to take a moment just the two of us to look around and recognize how many people came to share in our special day. At one point, we were behind our head table by ourselves while the music was playing and the dance floor was packed. We stood up on our chairs, looked around, and then danced with each other. It was the most special moment for us because we were enjoying each other while also having the realization that the room was filled with people we absolutely adore. 

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