The Real Detroit Wedding of Jennifer & Andre

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Our Real Detroit Wedding: September 14, 2018

“Mike Staff Productions was great! I can’t believe one videographer was able to get so many different angles of our ceremony.  Also, Daniel was like the hardest working person I’ve ever met.  It was 95 degrees that day and honestly kind of miserably hot but he didn’t let that affect him at all.  He was working that camera and microphone!”
real detroit wedding jen and andre


Jen grew up in Flushing about 75 miles away from where Andre grew up in Clinton Township, but their paths never crossed. Jen graduated from Michigan State and Andre graduated from Central Michigan, even closer, but still their paths never crossed (maybe they would have if Andre had tried harder in high school and got into Michigan State like Jen!) Eventually, Jen took a job in Brighton while Andre was working in Utica – even closer. Still, their paths didn’t cross.

After multiple relationship fails, Jen and Andre both decided to try online dating. Thankfully they were both too cheap to use a paid website service and signed up for the free site, Andre was able to finally find Jen one day after altering his search parameters on the website based off income (a fact he did not tell Jen until many months into their dating!)

Their first date was at a bar/restaurant in Utica called Muldoon’s. One bar turned into two bars and eventually the date turned into an entire bar crawl through downtown Utica. Their paths have been crossing ever since.

real detroit wedding jen and andre


Andre decided to propose to Jen on April Fool’s Day, 2016 in Clarkston, Michigan. He chose Clarkston because that was where they were planning to buy a house and the halfway point between their jobs and families. He hired a photographer to secretly follow them through Depot Park after work on a Friday. He planned to propose, have dinner at the Clarkston Union followed by a surprise party with their family and friends at Buckshot’s Bar & Grill. Jen’s parents, who usually spend their winters in Florida, cut their trip early to surprise her.

real detroit wedding jen and andre

That Friday came and Jen stayed late at work, leading to an uncomfortable two hours of Andre nervously making small talk with a photographer in the park. Eventually Jen showed up and Andre popped the question in a lovely gazebo within the park. She said yes, and after a champagne dinner at the Clarkston Union they headed to Buckshot’s. Jen was shocked when she walked into a private room with sixty of their family and friends ready to celebrate with them. Andre was just thankful she said yes, otherwise it would have been the worst surprise party ever.


We wanted a wedding feature for the future.  Five months later everything is still really clear in our minds, but we suspect in five years this video will really help us remember the day.  It’s more than a celebration, it’s a snapshot of our lives and the people that are most important to us.  To have that for rest of our lives is great.

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I love how well it captured the day.  When I watch it really makes all the memories I had of our wedding fresh in my mind.  Capturing our first look on video (with microphones) was so special.  Andre called me a “beautiful princess” and I didn’t remember it until we watched our video.  I was feeling a thousand different emotions in that moment and being able to watch it on video helps me remember them all!

We had our first look on the catwalk in the lobby of Greektown Hotel and we had an audience of a lot of different people – family members and strangers – watching us, so I was distracted and nervous too.  I think that’s why I didn’t fully comprehend everything that was happening in the moment which is why I’m so happy we have the video.

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detroit wedding videographer


Jen: We didn’t have a wedding party, so Andre and I rented a limo to drive us around Detroit and get pictures of just the two of us.  It was really special to have some quiet (and fun!) moments together before the ceremony.  Another favorite moment of mine was just before the wedding started.  Andre and I and our families were waiting on the yacht and shared a big group hug.  It was a small regret of mine that we didn’t hire two videographers.  The group hug wasn’t captured on film because Daniel was setting up for the ceremony.  My advice is to splurge and get the two videographers if you can!

Andre: The family huddle before the ceremony was my favorite as well, having us all there together with one final moment before we joined the rest of our guests was really special.  Also, as the yacht pulled into the dock everyone was singing and dancing to Journey before they cut the music.  That was a really joyful moment.

real detroit wedding jen and andre

Thank you Jen & Andre! It was an honor working with you!

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