9 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Engaged or Newlyweds

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Engaged or newly married couple’s guide to enjoying Valentine’s Day

love birdsIf you think about it, you’ll like only spend one two Valentine’s Days as an engaged couple. So, why not take advantage of celebrating the most romantic day of the year when it feels extra romantic? We came up with some fun, simple, non-traditional and budget friendly ways to spend your day.

Our biggest piece of advice: take the day off from wedding planning!

Date Night at Home

  • Game Night. Nothing says love like good ‘ol fashioned competition! Buy your love a new board game, it will last longer than flowers and chocolates. Pour your favorite drink, light some candles… GAME ON!
  • Lay low. Finally watch that movie the two of you missed in theaters and get your favorite take out. Not having to do dishes leaves more time for cuddling. Need some help setting the mood? Our Mike Staff Productions Wedding DJs have your covered with this Valentine’s Day Spotify Playlist.
  • Make it Sweet. Try making your favorite desserts from scratch. Plus, what is better than seeing your man in an apron and getting to lick the batter?

Get Pampered

  • Hire a Professional Chef. You can still have a luxurious night and not leave the comfort of your own home by bringing the professionals to you! Look into local companies or restaurants that can cook a culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen.
  • Couples Massage. Sure, this many seem cliche but if you’re recently engaged or newly married – let’s fact it – wedding planning can be stressful and setting some time to relax is never a bad thing. Spas often capitalize on Valentine’s Day with specials for couples (and extended hours), so take advantage of the reduced prices.
  • Book a Hotel Room. Hello? Room Service. Enough said! Book a romantic hotel for some ultimate couple time. I can see it now; fluffy white robes, rose petals and chilled champagne!

Hit the Town

  • Wine. Beer. Bourbon Tasting. Choose your favorite, call an Uber and start sipping! There are so many incredible craft cocktail bars and local wineries throughout metro Detroit, you’ll have a stocked bar by the end of the night after you everything you sample.
  • Enjoy Hockey Town. There just so happens to be a Detroit Red Wings game at Little Cesars Arena this February 14th. Snag some tickets, throw on your Wings gear (that just happens to be RED) and head downtown. I think your man will enjoy that date!
  • See Your Favorite Band Live. Experience live music with one of your favorite people next to you. Head to StubHub for the latest events in your area, grab those last minute tickets and get ready to fist pump to your favorite music.

 Mike Staff Productions is here to help with any of your wedding planning questions! Feel free to give us a call (877.689.0777) or drop us a line at [email protected].

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