11 Ways To Make the Most of Bridal Shows

Bridal shows are the place to get wedding ideas, meet vendors and wedding suppliers all in one place and… can you say FREEBIES??? So many booths, so little time — bridal shows can be overwhelming so check out the ways you can get the most out of the bridal shows you’ll attend as you prep for your wedding! (Ahhhhh exciting!)

FACEBOOK LIVE: How to Make the Most of Bridal Shows

1. Pre-register.

If the bridal show offers pre-registration, taking advantage of this will save you time at check-in. Pre-registration will often save you a few bucks too as door ticket pricing is usually a bit higher.

2. Dress comfortably.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you’ll be doing quite a bit of walking! Well attended shows can also be a bit warm, so you may want to dress in light layers.

3. Bring a bag.

You’ll probably receive bags from vendors at the show, but handled bags can be a pain to carry. A cross-body or messenger bag is perfect for carrying handouts, leaving your hands free for signups.

4. Bring swatches.

If you have already selected your wedding day colors, bring swatches with you to match up to jewelry and accessories that might be on display.  Actual fabric swatches allow you to see the items together much better than a digital swatch.

5. Get cards (and make notes). 

You’ll speak with many wedding vendors at the show. Make a note on their card so that you remember the ones that you want to follow up with after the show. It’s much easier to do at the time than try to remember when you are going through your bag later. You may also want to put vendors you know you like in a separate pocket!

6. Ask and listen. 

Bridal shows are a great place to ask questions to find vendors that match your wedding vision. But just as importantly, it’s a good opportunity to see if vendors are truly interested in how they can fit in your day. Are they easy to talk with? You’ll be trusting them with fulfilling your wedding expectations and working closely with you so be on the lookout for vendors you connect with.

7. See it all. 

If you bounce from side to side at the show, you might miss the booth you really need. Plan on browsing down one side, then the other of each aisle. If you notice most people are headed to the right, go left or to the back corner of the show and work your way out.

8. Come early. 

Bridal show freebies go fast and the crowd builds throughout in the day. Arriving early can give you more space and time to talk to vendors.

9. Eat before you go. 

Some venues may open a concession stand, but not all do – and they can be costly with limited options. Plan to eat before you head to the show – and bring a bottled water to stay hydrated!

10. Get social.  

See a vendor you like?  Adding them to your social feed lets you learn more about their products and personality.  Look for them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

11. Fashion shows. 

If you haven’t selected your wedding day attire yet, fashion shows can be a great way to see several looks in a short period. If you have already made your selections, take advantage of the quieter time when everyone else is watching the show to visit with vendors

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