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Director of Photography, Chris Ziemann asked to speak at annual photography event in Chicago

ClickCon features some of the best speakers and educators from the photography and videography industry from all over the world. It’s a hub for aspiring professionals to learn and perfect their skills. So how cool is it that one of Mike Staff Productions very own was invited to speak at this renowned event? VERY COOL!

Chris Ziemann Speaking at ClickCon

ClickCon brings the best of the photo and video worlds to one place to help educate and inspire aspiring professionals. Every speaker and educator was selected based off feedback from attendees. Each speaker and educator is a passionate and successful industry professional – which is why we are SO proud of Chris that he was selected to speak at this conference.

“One class was called ‘It’s Not About the Image’. I wanted to express the importance of the overall client experience. Success, growth and references from clients all come from how well we take care of our clients and how we create special moments are not expecting. The thing is, we all know how to take great images, any decent photographer can do that but only someone that has passion for photography can actually create a memorable experience.”

Chris Ziemann, Director of Photography

Behind the Scenes: ClickCon Chicago

What is ClickCon?

  • Over 100 models present help build photography portfolio
  • Scenic and historic Chicago locations available to photograph models in, themed workshops
  • Interactive trade-show floor, the latest camera gear available to try out.
  • Speakers scheduled throughout the day

What sets this conference a part from others in the industry is that its hands on. Photographers aren’t cooped up in a classroom or studio somewhere, they are getting experience by working all around the city!

How ClickCon Benefits You

Believe it or not, YOU are the reason our team invests in attending events like this. Sure, they are passionate about their craft but they want to learn the latest skills, get familiar with the newest technology and continuously grow as professionals so your wedding photos are simply the very best they can be.

While Chris had a great time teaching, speaking and educating, he also had some FUN and put his photography skills to the test. Worked with models, had night shoots & tried new lighting techniques!

Mike Staff Productions: Real Chicago Weddings:

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