The Real Detroit Wedding of Heather and John

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Our Real Wedding: June 8, 2019

“It was fantastic! You guys did a great job and having everything packaged together and only dealing with one vendor for multiple moving parts really eased our minds. We would absolutely recommend Mike Staff to any of our friends and family. Professional from the original meeting before booking all the way until now. Thanks for being a big part of our day and making it great!” – Happy Bride, Heather

Our Love Story

I walked through the door from work and our dog, Matti, met me at the door like she always does. But she had a new bandana on her neck. It said, “Will you marry my dad?” on it. I loved that he brought our dog into the intimate proposal. It couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

Our Wedding Vision

We wanted it to be as different from other weddings as possible, with Heather’s unique vision. Having focused on every detail, from the fountain in the cake to the fireworks on the lake.

Our Wedding Photography

Our wedding photographers were good. They were always in the right spot when something special was planned. The photos are very important as we are planning on putting some up in our house.

Our Wedding Video

A wedding video was important because it can capture the entire wedding better than pictures ever can. It gives you and others a unique view into the happiness and excitement of the day. We love the whole wedding video and the songs chosen by the Mike Staff team as it flows great together. The highlight tape is really cool as they pair different parts of the day together that really give a quick overview of the day.

Our Wedding DJ

Our wedding DJ did a great job by taking all the guests’ requests and making everything flow together.

Our Wedding Memories

The fireworks and the balloon release at the Church!

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