The Real Chicago Wedding of Bianca and Jesse

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Our Real Wedding: May 18, 2019

“Overall, the Mike Staff experience was very good. Trusting the people you work with, especially on that day, is very important. The photographers and videographers made us feel comfortable and we truly trusted them throughout the process. Even before picking our team, the process to ensure we had the right people was very helpful and also gave me the piece of mind that we would get the right people. I have recommended Mike Staff and will continue to recommend Mike Staff.”

– Happy Bride, Bianca

Our Love Story

A rainy weekend in May, Jesse carried a beautiful engagement ring in his pocket waiting for the perfect moment to propose. His plan was to take a walk toward a large pond and to propose in front of the water that has a fountain and swans in it. Friday it rained, so he waited for Saturday. Saturday it rained, so he waited until Sunday. Sunday it rained, so he waited until Monday. Monday it rained, so he gave up. Tuesday, at Bianca’s house, Jesse put a candy ring on Bianca’s finger and asked for her hand. Confused Bianca was focused on the candy, and did not realize Jesse was truly proposing. After some convincing, Bianca did reluctantly say yes ( she thought it was a joke). After what felt like 10 minutes, which was truly about 1 minute, Jesse properly got on one knee and proposed with a beautiful engagement ring and with tears, Bianca confidently and ecstatically said yes!

Our Wedding Vision

Elegance, classic, and comfortable were the three things we wanted to focus on for our wedding. We wanted everything to be beautiful in a simply elegant way and wanted everyone feeling beautiful while having fun. 

Our Wedding Photos

Our photos were very important and we wanted everything we could but we also wanted to be visiting our friends and family, so it was important that we didn’t have to stop and post for every picture. Both of our photographers understood that and provided amazing pictures. We spoke to our main photographer (Lisa) a couple of times prior to the wedding. Our conversations made me feel more comfortable for the day of and we absolutely appreciated and trusted them on the day of. Our pictures turned out great. We are so happy!

Our Wedding Video

We wanted to capture the moments of our wedding we may have missed because we couldn’t be everywhere.  We wanted to look back and relive our day as well. It allows us to be a guest at our own wedding.  

When I was little I remember having to watch family friends’ wedding videos that were like 2 video tapes long.  I love that we can capture the moments in our wedding within 2 hours and still feel like we are reliving the whole thing.  

Our Wedding Memories

The church was one of our favorites. Not only is the church amazing, Father Charles was the reason we were there and we were very happy to have him marry us. The second favorite moment was seeing all of our friends and family. We are so grateful they were all able to be there for our day.

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