2019 Heart to Serve Winner: Michael Gudith

Heart to Serve Winner Teams Up With Saline Police to Surprise Drivers With Gift Cards

“You get that feeling when you’re getting pulled over by a police officer, you’re nervous, you’re scared, you ask yourself if you’re really getting a ticket…” said Gudith

Michael Gudith, a Saline resident, helped to surprise five lucky drivers with $100 gift cards after winning our 2019 Heart to Serve Giveaway. Gudith said he entered our contest after seeing the giveaway posted on WXYZ’s website. He was one of 4 people to win $500. The twist; all the winners had to use the money to help others and then our videography team captured the generous moments!

“Thankfully through Mike Staff Productions, it’s your generosity that’s making this happen,” said Gudith.

WATCH: Heat to Serve Giveaway Winner: Michael Gudith

After serving in public safety himself, Gudith wanted to partner with the Saline Police Department to help create positive experiences with police in their community. He thought people might appreciate getting $100 gift cards instead of a $100 traffic ticket.

“I’ve been pulled over by Saline Police before and I just want to see drivers smile and their faces light up. They’ll be shocked when handed the gift cards,” said Gudith.

Officer Chris Boulter, who’s been working in law enforcement more than 30 years, was excited to be part of the giveaway.

“The people I pull over are generally not happy to be pulled over, so today I’m looking forward to them being really happy I pulled them over,” Boulter said.

Usually when people get stopped their number one concern is ‘oh gosh how much is this going to cost me?’ said Boulter. “I think people receiving money will be such a relief and I really hope we can give it to people who could really use it in our community.”

Saline Area Schools bus driver Martha Reed was the first to be pulled over and handed a gift card as she was heading home from work.

“I was so confused when I saw the lights flashing behind me, but this is great,” Reed said. “This $100 will really help me out.”

Michael’s Heart to Serve Entry

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