Ask the Experts: 10 Things to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Whether you have your eye on a Bed and Breakfast only a state away or you’ve been eyeing all-inclusive vacations in Jamaica, there are a few things you’ll need to pack for any honeymoon. The following ten items are must-haves for any couple that wants to bring back the best honeymoon memories.

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10 Things to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Copies of All Your Travel and Identification Documents

No one wants to be stranded somewhere because they can’t pay for a rental car or find their transportation tickets. Physical or digital copies of these documents will suffice, especially if you’re staying within your country of citizenship. Before you go, make sure you have copies of these documents:

  • Travel Tickets and Passes
  • ID
  • Passport
  • Credit Cards
  • Prescriptions
  • Itinerary
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Numbers for Accommodations, Local Emergencies, and Help Desks
  • Travel Insurance Plan Details
  • An Emergency Script or Information Card in Local Languages

Having all of these documents on hand, in a travel organizer and a unique album on your smartphone, can smooth out a lot of little travel delays. If there is ever an emergency, you’ll have all the information you need nearby, too. 

Labeled Medications

You may not be able to find a pharmacy that can process the medications you need. It’s always better to pack as many medicines as you think you will need for your trip. This includes aspirin and many OTC medications as well. If you plan to fly, the TSA has specific travel guidelines for medicines of all kinds. 

A First-Aid Kit

When you think of your honeymoon, you probably don’t imagine either you or your partner getting hurt. However, small injuries happen everywhere, even at home. Having a compact first-aid kit on hand can help you feel prepared and comfortable. 

If you plan on traveling abroad, you may even discover a new allergy or two. To be prepared for all situations, consider the first-aid packing list recommended by the NHS.

Insect Repellent and Sunscreen

If you’re going anywhere that insect populations are known to be problematic, bring an insect repellent recommended for the region. No matter where you’re headed, sunscreen should be in your bag. It’s even recommended that you apply sunscreen before you board an airplane


Small toiletries will help you stay comfortable on your trip. While travel-sized items might not fit into your usual packing routine, consider going the extra mile to make your honeymoon that much more comfortable. A skincare routine is one of the few things you shouldn’t experiment with on vacation.

Power Outlet Adapter and Extra Cables

Different countries have different power standards. An adapter can help you keep your devices charged and make sure you can keep taking pictures and staying in contact with loved ones.

Weather-Appropriate Clothing Options

While everyone wants the weather to be perfect during their honeymoon, you can’t rule out sudden changes. If you plan on visiting a lot of outdoor destinations, consider packing a light rain jacket, gloves, or other clothing items that could keep you comfortable if the weather takes a turn.

Something Romantic and New

New experiences can help form strong, lasting memories. Consider bringing a new activity, outfit, or another item along as a surprise for your partner on the first day or the last. 

A Travel Journal and Instant Photo Printer or Camera

Creating a book of memories will allow you to have a tangible reminder of your honeymoon for years to come. A simple journal that you can fill out with little day-to-day memory summaries, notes, and names of important places and people from your journey is a great place to start.

If you want to create something with more visual appeal, consider buying a device that prints photos directly from your camera or smartphone. 

If you’ve booked wedding photography services through Mike Staff Productions, you can even begin to add your first round of wedding photos the day you arrive home. This can be a great way to tie up your trip and start your newly married life off on a positive note. 

Comfortable Clothes for the Journey Home

Heading home is always a bittersweet part of the honeymoon journey. In most cases, you’ll be exhausted and may even be feeling a little homesick. 

To stay comfortable from your honeymoon destination to home, pack clothing that’s soft and geared toward your home climate. Having a designated “home” outfit can help you transition from your honeymoon mindset and begin thinking about all the things waiting for you at home, like those new wedding photos. 

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