Heart to Serve Winner: Battle to Beat Rare Cancer

Local Family to Help Brother Fighting Brain Cancer with Heart to Serve Money

We were blown away by all the entries in our 2019 Heart to Serve Giveaway. So many generous people wanted to use the $500 to help so many other deserving people and Vickie Taylor was one of them.

She entered on behalf of her brother-in-law, David, who was diagnosed this summer with Glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. Shortly after David turned 50 years old this year, he started having spasms in his arm. After encouragement to go to the doctor, a cat scan and MRI detected a cancerous, stage 4 tumor on his brain. In six short months David has undergone brain surgery, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

heart to serve

David can no longer work after starting treatment and is currently living with his elderly parents, who drive him to all of his appointments. When Vickie saw our Heart to Serve Giveaway she knew the $500 would go along way.

My mother in law has diligently given of herself unconditionally through all of this and has spent countless hours and money in gas to drive him to and from treatments and doctor visits,” said Vickie.

taylor family
David (left), Dan (right, David’s brother), David’s two children

On top of standard cancer treatments, David is undergoing experimental electrode therapy. He has to wear a unit on his head for up to 18 hours at a time.

My brother in law has never once complained about what he is going through and has been fighting and pushing through all of this, for his kids. I would most certainly use the money to help provide gifts, meals, gas cards and necessities to help them during this difficult time,” said Vickie.

Mike Staff Productions was honored to select Vickie and her family as one of our four winners in this years Heart to Serve Giveaway. We will be following her along as she helps her brother-in-law and his parents during this difficult time.

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