Heart to Serve Winners: Shopping for Methodist Children’s Home Society

$1,000 Spent on New Toys, Fresh Sheets, Diapers & Snacks for 60 Kids in Need

heart to serve giveaway

When we read Denise Tucker’s (Perfect Day Celebrations) entry in our 2019 Heart to Serve Giveaway, we were touched by her passion for the Methodist Children’s Home Society. She simply learned about the organization and their needs during her Bible Study and never looked back. She’s been a part of their ‘Angel’s Committee’ for several years and when she saw the opportunity to win $500 to help someone in need, she knew exactly how she wanted to spend the money.

Some of these children have lost their families, some have been taken from their families but this becomes their family and these cottages become their home,” said Denise Tucker.

WATCH: Heat to Serve Winners Shop for Methodist Children’s Home Society

You may be wondering why a second winner was chosen to benefit the same organization. We couldn’t resist after hearing Laura Perry’s story. She teaches at Redford Union School District, virtual learning program for underprivileged kids. 4 students who live at the Methodist Children’s Home attend her school and when she stumbled upon some hand made ornaments from the Methodist Children’s home, she knew she had to do more.

I was the Livonia recreation center and they had different Christmas trees decorated by different organizations. I saw there was one from the Methodist Children’s Home and on the top it said “what do you want for Christmas?” and they had written things “I wish I had my mom”, “I wish my mom was still alive”, “I wish I had a family,” said Laura Perry

Laura and Denise each received their $500 after being selected as winners of the Heart to Serve Giveaway. Giving them a total of $1,000 to put towards the 60 children that call MCHS home.

“To have this opportunity through Mike Staff Productions to give these children a Christmas, I am ever so grateful, said Tucker. On top of it all, to have you partner me with someone else where it would double the impact, $1,000 is huge. Mike Staff Productions is an answer to prayer and a true blessing.”

These ladies contacted the Methodist’s Children’s Home to see what their specific needs were and while receiving toys on Christmas are a must, the organization was desperate for diapers, snacks and new sheets for all of the kids twin beds.

Shopping at Target in Livonia

We can’t thank the team from the Livonia Target enough for their time & assistance during Denise & Laura’s shopping spree (during the busiest time of the year)! They had two personal shoppers, carts were being emptied, discounts were given and Target even contributed a $50 donation! Thank you for making this Heart to Serve experience extra special.

About Methodist Children’s Home Society

methodist children's home society
Methodist Children’s Home Society

At Methodist Children’s Home Society, they have an 80-acre campus in Redford that is home to 50 boys between the ages of 5 and 18 who arrived at MCHS searching for the hope, love, safety, and support. Having bounced from home to home, on average about five different homes over the past two and a half years, the boys who come to this residential program are looking for the chance to enjoy their childhoods while also healing from the immense trauma they have experienced throughout their short lives.

MCHS provide spaces for boys to live, learn, grow, and play in 10-bedroom cottages complete with a bedroom for each individual child, two living rooms, a full kitchen, and dining room. The cottages are just a few steps away to the other programs and activities available during their time with us at MCHS including a state-of-the-art therapy center, on-grounds school, gymnasium, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, baseball field, movie/game room, fitness center, and so much more!

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