Mike Staff 2020 Specs Howard Hall of Fame Inductee

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Congratulations to our very own Mike Staff for being inducted into the Specs Howard Hall of Fame.

As Specs Howard School of Media Arts prepares for their 50th Anniversary, they just inducted 50 new members into their Hall of Fame, including our very own Mike Staff.

“I’m humbled to be included with such an accomplished group of peers and old friends into the Specs Howard Hall of Fame.  It’s a thrill to be recognized by my alma mater, Specs Howard, who helped prepare me for my dream career in radio, which eventually led to owning my business.  I can’t wait for the party … it’s going to be off the hook!”

Mike Staff, President & CEO

He was recognized by his alma matter not only for his many years working in the radio industry but his contribution to the media arts in the wedding industry. Congratulations! See all 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees HERE.

About Mike Staff

Born and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan, Mike started his DJ career in 1986 as a small market radio DJ. A few moves around the Midwest and most notably, a 14-year stint at 101 WRIF— Detroit ’s premier rock station, Mike decided to launch Mike Staff Productions in 1996 to save weddings from cheesy, over-the-top, embarrass your guests type of DJs.  Mike is still revolutionizing the wedding industry to this day with individualized services focused on the bride and groom’s need and always surpassing expectations in a classy and efficient way.

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