The Real Detroit Wedding of Kendal and Joe

Our Real Wedding: October 11, 2019

Our experience was amazing. Our wedding videographer, Tyler, was outstanding! Captured every moment perfectly absolutely would recommend.

Happy Bride, Kendal

Our Love Story

We met on a party bus at a birthday party, we ironically had mutual friends and ended up at the same party. I kind of already knew who he was because he was my family’s finance banker, but we had never met before! After the first conversation we had been falling for each other ever since. Fast forward 2 years later we had our annual cider mill date which I didn’t think anything of because we always do it he took my down by the river and purposed to me! I was in complete shock and it might have been one of the happiest days of my life!

Our Wedding Video

It was important because we wanted to catch the entire day live and so that we are able to continually watch the best day of our lives. We’re so busy doing the actual day we were excited to sit back and relax and watch the entire process.

Our Favorite Wedding Memories

Our wedding vision was romantic, formal, yet extremely fun and that’s exactly what was displayed.

My favorite moment was definitely seeing each other for the first time at the alter and then having a dance battle on the dance floor! Speaking of dance floor, our first dance was to Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli. We chose this because Joe loves Ed sheeran and we both love a song in Italian, so we knew it was going to be the one!

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