The Real Detroit Wedding of Morgan and Craig

Our Real Wedding: August 24, 2019

Our Love Story

Craig and I met during our freshmen year at the University of Michigan. Craig proposed to me at the base of the clock tower on the university campus during the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Our Wedding Video

We wanted to make sure we could go back and relive these moments anytime that we wanted. We love seeing these moments from a different perspective.

Our Wedding Photos

Our photographer did an amazing job of helping us feel comfortable throughout the entire day and did an incredible job finding beautiful locations for us to take pictures at. The photos help to capture the emotion of the moment.

Our Wedding DJ

Our song was “Always” by Panic! At the Disco. We wanted to pick a song from an artist that we both enjoyed and could convey our feelings for each other. Dancing Queen by ABBA got everyone on their feet. Our DJ did a great job of reading the room and knowing when to change the pace up.

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