Wedding Venue Spotlight: II Gather Auburn Hills

New Name. New Ownership. Same Elegant Venue.

Get ready to add to two new people to your roster of friends after working with the team at II Gather in Auburn Hills. Spencer Sturgis, General Manager and Kaitlyn Arn, Senior Event Specialist, are the real deal. They love what they do, they make you feel comfortable, relaxed and bottom line – they want to give you the most memorable wedding possible. That’s why we LOVE them.

If the venue name II Gather is new to you, it’s because they recently took over the space that was formally NOAH’S of Auburn Hills. This is a team that cherish’s their relationships with clients while providing the same (beautiful) amenities the venue is known for.

Enough reading, we want to introduce you to the II Gather team! We grabbed our videography team and went to the venue to give you a behind the scenes look to see if II Gather is the right place to gather for your wedding… get it?!

WATCH: Behind the Scenes of II Gather

Wedding Photography at II Gather

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Our photographers know the know all the details that make II Gather special. They’ll be able to suggest some of the best spots for photography and videography options.

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