Love Your Wedding Videography

Love Your Wedding Videography

Why You Need Wedding Videography


What are your doubts about getting a wedding video?

  • It’s too expensive?
  • You’ll never watch it?
  • You don’t want a camera in your face all day?

You may think that having wedding photos and a wedding video is overkill, or maybe that ‘B’ word (budget) is haunting you again, but trust us—you’ll want to hire a wedding videographer. For one, the day literally flies by and there are things you’ll miss that your videographer will capture beautifully!

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  • 4 Reasons To Get a Wedding a Video
  • Common Wedding Videography Questions Answered
  • Why These Brides Almost Didn’t Get Wedding Videography
  • Your Wedding Videography Style
  • 7 Reasons to Hire Mike Staff Productions for Wedding Videography
  • Question to Ask When Hiring a Videographer

WATCH: Why You Want Wedding Videography

4 Reasons To Get a Wedding a Video

You can’t be everywhere, yet you don’t want to miss a thing on your wedding day. Here are 4 elements of your wedding you most definitely want to experience over and over again through your wedding video.

1. Your Vows

While technically you won’t miss your vows (since you’ll be the one reciting them haha) the moment is typically a blur, therefore remembering the words and emotions exactly how it happened is slim to none. Your vows are the words that narrate the beginning of your love story. While pictures of your ceremony are crucial, they just can’t capture the emotion in your voice as you pledge your vows of commitment to one another. This is something you’ll want to relive.

2. Your Family & Friends

You are creating a living family record. Years later, you will be able to look back at those loved ones who are no longer with you but were there when you got married! You’ll be able to hear their voices again, see them laugh again, watch them alive and happy, relive your packed dance floor. This is truly priceless.

3. Your First Look

You’ve seen the photos where the bride is sneaks up behind the groom, while he’s chomping at the bit to see what his soon-to-be wife looks like! (Let’s face it, all brides spend hours getting ready!) But experiencing that moment through video is an instant tearjerker.

4. Your Vision

You spent so much time planning the perfect decorations for your reception. Carefully selecting the perfect centerpieces, place settings, card table, sign-in area, etc. Think about it, will you get the chance to see it before the guests entered the room? Make sure when the wedding is done and over that you’re not wishing you could have seen how it looked without our family and friends, and their reactions as they entered and got settled. Just hire a videographer!

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7 Common Videography Questions Answered

We asked our Director of Videography, Jason Chevatewa, to answer 7 of the most common wedding videography questions real couples ask.

1. Do I choose / meet my videographer?

Your final edited video is the result of the creative efforts of both the shooting and editing team. Because each team member works closely with others, you can be sure the same consistency is applied across all the videos we produce. To make sure that your own unique needs are understood, you should speak with the videographer that will film your wedding prior to your wedding day. At Mike Staff Productions, your videographer will call you the Tuesday before your wedding to discuss the final details.

2. How long does it take to get it back?

The editing process is dependent upon some choices you will need to make about your wedding video – short or long format editing, music to be used with your montages and overall style and vibe. Once you have submitted your information, Mike Staff Productions guarantees you will have your wedding video within 12 weeks.

3. What is a digital file of my wedding and/or raw footage?

Digital file is the highest quality version of your wedding day. Another benefit, to receiving your wedding video as a digital file is the option to create additional copies for safekeeping or gift giving. Because these files are not copy protected, you are free to use as you’d like. The digital file can also be streamed to your viewing device such as AppleTV or Roku, as well as stored on your computer or tablet.

Each wedding varies, but most will average between 4-6 hours of raw footage. While your final edited version contains all the big moments of your wedding day, your raw footage will include additional angles, more candid moments, and longer segments of time that were condensed in the edit. As this is raw footage, please keep in mind there may be floor shots, the ceiling, zooms and shakes as the videographer is framing the shot.

4. How is the audio recorded for my wedding? Does the bride wear a wireless mic?

To get the best audio for your wedding video, the videographer will ask the groom to wear a small lapel microphone. In addition, the videographer will also place a secondary microphone in the ceremony area, such as on a podium used by a reader. And as an extra audio source, the camera will also record the ambient sound from the ceremony venue. During the reception, the videographer will capture ambient audio. Whenever possible, the videographer will also request a line feed from your wedding DJ.

5. How much time does it take to capture a great dance montage?

Your important dances, such as your first dance and the dances with your parents, will be captured for your video in their entirety. We recommend 45-60 minutes of recording time to capture open dance floor footage to be used for your wedding reception dance montages.

6. What’s the difference between one videographer and two?

Simply put, a camera and videographer can only focus in one direction. With one videographer, your wedding video will focus on you and the activities that happen directly around you.

With two videographers, you have the option of seeing a larger view of your wedding day. The second videographer can capture events that may take place during the same time, such as how each of you spent your time leading up to the ceremony or the cocktail hour while you are having your portrait session. Additionally, a second videographer will provide you with additional angles and guest perspectives of your wedding day.

7. Backup wedding videographer? Backup gear?

A professional videographer should offer you the piece of mind of a backup system (always a benefit from Mike Staff Productions!). Should there be an emergency, the videographer should have backup coverage of additional gear and backup videographers.

Why These Brides Almost Didn’t Get Wedding Videography

Don’t Want a Wedding Video? Neither Did These Brides!

Picture this – it’s years after you tied the knot – what will you remember about your wedding day?

  • The look on your fiance’s face when he first saw you at the end of the aisle?
  • Every word of your Maid of Honor’s memory filled speech?
  • Uncle Mark tearing it up on the dance floor?


Did you know 93% of couples who don’t get a professional wedding video regret it? These brides you’re about to meet almost made that mistake. But something changed their mind.

WATCH: Wedding Video Highlights

Videography Packages

All Packages Include:

  • Edited video delivered on flash drive
  • Internet upload of highlight video
  • Back-up videographer on call
  • Unlimited locations

Additional Element Available:

  • Overtime per videographer/per hour $150

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Adding Personal Style to Your Wedding Video

No couple wants a boring wedding film, or even worse, one that looks like everyone else’s. While most couples ask for a blend of classic, contemporary, artistic and photojournalistic scenes some go the extra steps to add even more of their personal style to their video.

Messages to each other

Brides and grooms that want to express their excitement, anticipation and joy before their walk down the aisle, may choose to record messages to their future spouse. Your videographer will work with you to create the perfect environment for these emotionally charged moments.


One of the most engaging elements to your wedding film is the inclusion of dialogue throughout the day. The excitement of the last pre-ceremony moments the tremor in your voices during the vow exchange
the humor of the toasts all these moments will be expertly woven into the montages of your wedding film.

Custom Music Choice

Your love story has a soundtrack and now so does your wedding video. You can choose the music soundtrack for the special moments throughout your day. And of course if you need help picking the right piece of music to accent the moment your wedding video editor will help guide you through the process.

Multiple cameras options

Simply put more cameras at your wedding equal more moments captured. When you select two videographers for your wedding day the resulting film features more coverage multiple angles and a more interesting video to watch. Clients who choose two videographers often have multiple events going on at the same time such as getting ready pre-ceremony or the romantics session and cocktail hour. Two cameras can also capture the perspective of both the couple and guests at key times such as the first look ceremony moments and at the reception.

Watch Wedding Highlights Here

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Videographer

We totally understand how hard it is to find a wedding videographer you connect with, trust and want to spend good money on! That’s why we’re committed to helping you find the right professional (even if it isn’t us). So, if you are considering hiring a wedding videographer make sure you start with these questions.


While a highly stylized or photojournalistic approach is great for select montages of your wedding day, it is likely that you also want someone that uses a documentary style as well. This allows them to capture your special moments in an artful way, without to much intrusion. Discuss style options with your vendor prior to booking.


Online highlight wedding videos can be great examples of a videographer’s work, but they don’t always tell the complete story. It is best to watch examples of how they approach all areas of the day, from the pre-ceremony through the reception.


You should be allowed to make your own copies or the videographer should be able to make them for you for a nominal fee.


Your wedding day and needs are unique to you. Your videographer should offer an array of packages with options for ceremony only coverage with one videographer to 10 hours of coverage with two videographers.


Professionalism and courtesy should be the backbone of your videographer’s business practice. Be wary of a wedding vendor who has exclusivity as a contract term.


A professional videographer should be dressed in professional business attire.


You should always speak with the videographer filming your wedding prior to your wedding day. This allows you the opportunity to discuss your personal preferences for your wedding video.


Your wedding day is a special day for you and shouldn’t be a myriad of Hollywood lights. Professional cameras allow for the use of ambient light or small camera mounted lights. Anything more may be distracting.


Make sure any videographer you are considering for your wedding video employs a staff of video editors and states in advance when you can expect your wedding video. (Mike Staff Productions guarantees you will have your wedding video within 12 weeks of your wedding.)


Never do business with a wedding professional that does not clearly express what you can expect.


It is standard to provide dinner for the videographer, DJ and photographer.

Think We’re A Good Fit?

7 Reasons to Hire Mike Staff Productions

1. Affordable

The #1 reason most bride’s don’t include videography in their wedding plans is because it can be very expensive. Our team is focused on delivering outstanding service at an unbelievable price. We founded our videography business with the goal of making high quality videography available to everyone. And, if you bundle videography with any of our other services such as DJ or Photography, you can save even more!

2. Experienced

Jason Chevatewa, Director of Video Operations for Mike Staff Productions, has over 25 years experience shooting, directing, producing and editing live events, industrial, commercial, and of course wedding events. While he has filmed over a thousand wedding videos, he still takes the care to make each one unique. Jason and our other video professionals will work with you to create a lasting memory of your day, not follow a format.

3. Unobtrusive

Our videographers remain “behind the scenes” while capturing the essential footage required to make a more “natural” looking wedding video. Nothing is worse than having a camera right in your face when you’re trying to have a good time. With the help of technical advancements and our year’s of experience, we know how to shoot so you don’t feel uncomfortable having a romantic moment with each other or just having fun dancing. One of our greatest compliments is “we did not even know you were there!

We aren’t pushy or obnoxious! We realize this is not a video production, rather your wedding day. We work with you to create the video you’ll cherish, while remembering this is your time to be a couple and have fun. Our videographers are trained to be thoughtful and professional to make sure your event is treated like the special day it is. In fact, our clients would call us friends by the end of their wedding day!

4. Fast Turn Around

Most southeast Michigan wedding videographers take 6-9 months to complete your video. At Mike Staff, we guarantee that you will have your video within 12 weeks* after your reception! That’s why we employ a full- time wedding videography team of professionals. Mike Staff Production’s Videography service is raising the bar in metro Detroit.

READ MORE: When You’ll Get Your Photos & Video Back

MSP post production

5. Fun to Watch

We hate boring wedding videos as much as you do! We produce wedding videos that you’ll actually want to watch more than once. In fact, we’ve had newlyweds order as many as 10 extra copies because their families wanted to watch it again! We promise your video will be high quality, innovative, creative, fun to watch and emotionally charged.

6. Individualized

Your wedding video will not be a “canned product”. Every wedding is different, so we want to make your video specifically for you. Before your wedding day we will have an extensive interview to go over all of the details of your wedding ceremony and reception, so we can capture what’s most important to YOU! We will ask you key questions that will help us customize your video.

7. Complete Package

Mike Staff Productions offers more value than anyone else in the business. What most other companies would charge extra for, we include in every single video. When your video is finished, your video is uploaded onto a flash drive and comes complete with multiple chapter selections! You’ll also receive a highlight video, beautifully edited and uploaded to the internet to be easily shared with family and friends.

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