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While your wedding day is sure to be amazing, it’s not uncommon for brides to have a few regrets especially wedding videography regrets. We’ve compiled the top 15 regrets of recent bride’s so that you know what mistakes to avoid. Do not let the wedding videography regrets happen to you!

Not hiring a videographer. Top on the list of wedding videography regrets from recent brides and grooms is not having a wedding videographer. On you wedding day, you will miss a lot; what each of you were doing before the ceremony, what you were saying and feeling in the moments alone, your guests reactions, the details before your reception room opened. And even for the moments you did see, the emotion is so high that you may not remember them in their entirety. Video captures things in a way photographs can’t – the sound of your voice as you share your vows, the words of your maid of honors toast and the way you swayed to your first dance. It’s no surprise that wedding videography regrets are on the top of the list.


Not getting high res, wedding photos with personal copyright. You will probably want to post, share and print many of the images from your wedding day. If your photographer does not provide you with high res images, with a personal copyright release, you may not be able to do that without breaking copyright law. Be sure this is part of your wedding photography contract. This is at the top of the list with wedding videography regrets.


Not having cocktail food service. Guests who partake in your cocktail hour, will need some substance to tide them over until dinner service. We all know what happens when you drink too much on an empty stomach! Cocktail hour offerings do not have to be elaborate. Cheese, vegetable or passed finger foods are perfect for this time.


Not having a must play list. Most couples have a song that is important to them, but what about those other special songs in your life. Is there a song that you share with your dad, fraternity brothers or friends from high school? If so, make sure your wedding DJ knows to play the song and why it’s important. This is the perfect way to add another level to your great memories.



Not having an open bar. A cash bar would break all wedding etiquette rules; especially when you consider your guests cost to attend your wedding (travel costs, a gift, their attire, babysitting, etc). If wedding reception budget concerns have you thinking about an open bar, consider saving money by offering wine, beer and a signature drink. You might also negotiate simpler service during cocktail hour and dinner and a full bar during the dancing portion of your reception.


Not having an emergency kit. The best prepared bride always has an emergency kit with her on her wedding day. Some items to include: bandages, hairspray, nylons, aspirin, blotting papers, small sewing kit, feminine products. Consider packing a kit for your bridesmaids too. You never know when you might need something so being prepared prevents emergency runs to the drugstore – saving your wedding day timeline!



Not waiting to drink. While the day will seem to fly by, it’s still a very long day with much to do. It’s a good idea to avoid alcohol until the party hours. If you can’t resist having a few drinks, be sure to eat something.


Not planning an exit strategy. Assign end-of-the-night tasks to others you trust, so you can leave unburdened. Final duties might include gathering gifts and transporting them a home, paying the hall, and removing decorations — including flowers, centerpieces and other wedding notions.


Not recovering the next day. Try not to plan a 6 a.m. departure the day after your wedding. Give yourselves a day to recuperate and get your things together. Better yet, go back to work for a week before leaving on your honeymoon.



Not taking enough family portraits. The value of a family portrait grows with time. While it may be tempting to cut the family portraits out or down so that you can move on to the party, be sure to take the time to capture these special photos. How often is your family, together, dressed up and celebrating your wedding?!


Not taking it all in. Keep your mind on what the day is about, and on the things and people that are really important to you. Spend a few moments with your groom after the ceremony before greeting guests and starting pictures. Don’t get bogged down in so many details that you forget to have FUN! Eat! Talk! Dance! Keep things simple. After you’ve greeted your guests, let them find you if they wish to visit. Have a proper video recording to not have any wedding videography regrets.


Not wearing comfortable shoes. Your wedding day is a long day and you’ll be on your feet for most of it. Choose a breathable material like leather, suede or fabric for your wedding shoes to avoid blisters.


Not allowing guest requests. People like to hear familiar music and dance to their favorite songs. The more your DJ honors song requests, the more likely your dance floor will be filled. Ask him to leave plenty of room in his music schedule for their requests.


Not getting a backup boutonniere. Roses are a popular choice for boutonnieres, but can be fragile. Consider ordering an extra one in case one breaks before pictures are completed.



Not planning pictures for the right time of day. There are times of day that are more flattering for pictures, based upon the sun’s position in the sky. Pictures taken when the sun is most direct causes shadows and harsh light. Whenever possible, look for areas of shade and consider taking outdoor pictures in the late afternoon or evening. Sneaking out of your wedding reception at sunset is a great time for warm, natural light photos. If your timeline doesn’t allow for that, consider a first look session during the early hours of the day.

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