Your Eastern Market Wedding

Your Eastern Market Wedding


The Eastern Market – The Old World in the New World


Americans traveling to Europe are often struck by how public markets dominate the social scene. These are places to get food, plants and handmade crafts. Markets serve as cultural hubs which is why it comes as no surprise that Detroit’s Eastern Market provides that Old World culture in the New World – which also makes it a perfect off the wall wedding venue!


The Largest American Public Market

Located on Detroit’s east side, the original farmer’s market opened in 1841 and has existed in some way, shape, or form since then. This market moved around for about 50 years – at one point the site of the market was at Michigan and Trumbull, place baseball fans remember as the former site of Tiger Stadium. In 1891, the market left Cadillac Square and moved to space just west of the Chrysler freeway where it remains today.

Spanning 43 acres, you can find literally anything you are looking for at the Eastern Market. The market itself is divided into different sheds. In the past, sheds were simply that – just places to set up. Over time, the sheds became focal design points and many Detroit artists painted murals on the sheds. Today the Eastern Market is as aesthetically pleasing as it is commercially relevant. The market has undergone renovations and on Saturdays when nearly 45,000 people stop by to purchase imported goods and services.

Detroit Lions fans use the Eastern Market to tailgate before watching their team prowl the gridiron at nearby Ford Field. And more recently, couples are flocking to the sheds to host rustic chic weddings in the heart of Detroit. If you’re expecting a whole lot of guests on an unconventional wedding day (like a weekday), Eastern Market could be a good choice. They have plenty of space in the different sheds and can also help with catering.


What Can Be Found at the Eastern Market?

In a word? Anything. The Eastern Market boasts the largest open-air flowerbed market in the United States and there are over 150 different food and specialty businesses. The market is massive, so it is important to know what you want to find before you go. 43 acres is a lot of areas to cover, so you should have a plan before you go.

Saturdays are especially enjoyable for people who love to shop. The weekend is when many products and services are available that are otherwise shuttered during the week. Farmers bring in their fresh produce, livestock, and poultry for sale on Saturdays and few places have the availability of fresh food and spices as the Eastern Market.

Besides food, there is also lots of space for art. Many sheds are devoted to handcrafted items and amazing paintings. When looking at Detroit’s art scene, one of the best places to go is the Eastern Market. Many artists use the market as a springboard to nearby galleries. Detroit’s thriving arts scene owes much to the Eastern Market.

But when it comes to planning your wedding, Saturdays are off limits, no exceptions. The market is unable to rent the sheds for Saturday weddings (year-round) and Sunday weddings (June through December) due to their market activities.

Get What You’re Looking For

Regardless of whether you’re in town to see Detroit or you live in the city, the Eastern Market is a great place to get a sense of the city. Like Old World markets, Detroit’s culture is on display. This is a place where the locals eliminate the middleman and deal straight with the customer. It’s a truly unique space to visit or tie the knot!